The way our building is set up, when you first walk into the office is the receptionist.  Continue thru and there are studios and then bathrooms.  Just before the bathrooms is a room that is full of desks.  That room is for radio personalities of all or our cluster of radio stations at Townsquare Media to do their show prep, eat lunch, etc.

I guess they decided to move all of the furniture and not tell Alex.

I walked in there to check on something and saw Alex just sitting in the corner, on the floor, all alone with her laptop.

"Alex, you know that there is a couch in the other room right?" I said.

Alex responded in the sadist tone, "yeah, but I'm so used to being in here.  I just figured I'd be lonely."

I can't figure out if she was just to lazy to move or really did want to feel lonely but I couldn't help but take a picture.

I'm sure Alex has since moved.  Or at least I hope she has.



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