In an age where rumors and misinformation can be easily spread and shared through the internet, you're sometimes not quite sure what's true or false.

That said, a few weeks back a story started being shared online about a massive snow storm that could blow up around this Thanksgiving. Some of the information was all about the return of the Polar Vortex and how it would bring Arctic air back into the region. This cold air would then collide with wetter air off the Atlantic setting up the scenario for potentially feet of snow piling up over the Hudson Valley and Northeast.

Panic starts to ensue as the story gets shared all over social media as people wonder how they're going to travel this Thanksgiving and if they're going to spend Turkey Day shoveling over a foot of snow from their driveways.

Right now, it looks like the story was merely speculative as it's impossible to make an accurate forecast that far in advance. The forecast for this week is calling for temps to stay in the 40s Thanksgiving Day, under partly cloudy skies.

Now there is a chance for scattered snow Wednesday afternoon, but it's still too early to tell.

Of course, if any of this changes, we'll let you know. But as of now it looks like all you'll need for Thanksgiving is a heavy jacket and lots of Pepto Bismol.


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