Do you have any advice for this Hudson Valley Grandma?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we turn the studio into your own personal therapy session with what we call "We Gotcha Wednesday."

We get all kinds of emails from listeners just like you with all kinds of problems that they are looking for some advice with and this week we have to try and help out this grandmother.

She wrote:

"Dear CJ, I am sending you this email because I need some very much needed advice. First I would please like to remain anonymous. I have an issue with my oldest daughter and granddaughter. They moved with my husband and I about 8 months ago because things didn't work out with her ex. The problem I have is my daughter was supposed to help pay bills and rent and she hasn't given us a single penny. Every time we ask her for money she comes up with an excuse. And we really need the money. The second is my grand daughter is 13 yrs old and doesn't help around the house with anything. When I ask her to do something I get an attitude. When I say something to her mother her excuse is that shes 13yrs old and has homework. I feel that my daughter wants to be more of a friend than a parent. Please help I need some much needed advice. Thank you"

These are two tough to tackle issues, first with the money thing. It's always really hard to ask family that you have living in your house for money. That's why I always say if your going to have family move in with you, you shouldn't expect anything in return because the odds say that you will be let down.

As far as the granddaughter goes I think they need to sit her down and explain to her that as she gets older she needs to help out around the house and she needs to lose the attitude.

I think both of these problems can be taken care of if they all get together and talk about it. Do you have any advice for grandma? Call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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