Is there a no shoes in the house rule at your house?

I remember growing up and my mom was a huge clean freak and when it came to people coming over our house she had all kinds of rules. The one that I remember the clearest is that nobody was allowed to wear shoes in the house and if she caught you doing it, she would chase you down with a wooden spoon and beat that butt.

Do you allow anyone to wear shoes in your house?

In my house everyone has to take their shoes off before they come in for the simple fact that I don't want your shoe funk all over my house. We took a bunch of call this morning and I was shocked that a lot of people don't care if you wear shoes in the house. If you are one of those people just think about where those shoes have been before they got your house. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

According to the Daily Mail, if you make guests take off their shoes, you could be helping them lost weight.

A new study says that it has to do with tiny chemical particles that we come in contact with every day that mess with our hormones and promote fat growth in our tissues. They are called "obesogens" and they're in everything from cleaning products and cosmetics, to processed food and even the dust that's floating around your house right now and that's why taking your shoes off matters.

The study found taking them off at the front door can make a big difference in how many obesogens you're exposed to, because you don't track as many into the house. They didn't say how many pounds you could lose but they did say that it could be one of the reasons we've collectively gotten bigger and bigger over the past few decades.

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