You could call this a thirst trap for a good cause.

Singer Shawn Mendes gave a huge shout-out to a local Hudson Valley animal rescue.

Shawn Mendez Poses With Adoptable Kingston, New York Dog

July was off to a hot start in the Hudson Valley when singer and songwriter Shawn Mendez posted a shirtless photo on Instagram. The singer was sharing the spotlight with an adorable dog named Bear.

The photo caught my attention right away, not because of its thirst trap tendencies (although that did help) but I just had the overwhelming sense that the photo was located in the mid-Hudson Region in New York State.

I quickly checked the comments, where it was confirmed. Bear is an adoptable dog with the Ulster County SPCA in Kingston New York:

Shawn Mendez, Instagram
Shawn Mendez, Instagram

Mendes has been rumored to be in the area throughout the years recording at different studios in the region, so it should come as no surprise he's escaped to the Hudson Valley yet again.

And if he's going to shine the light on local rescues and organizations, we can't complain.

Meet Bear and Mya 2 Adoptable Dogs at The UCSPCA

Thanks to Shawn Mendes' thirst traps, we know that Bear and Mya are available for adoption through the Ulster County SPCA. According to their website, Bear is an adventurous 6-year-old Chow Chow mix. He's always looking for a good time and clearly, he has what it takes to rub elbows with celebrities.

Shawn Mendez, Instagram
Shawn Mendez, Instagram

But in all seriousness, the Ulster County SPCA says Bear "loves being outdoors and feeling the sunshine on his fur or feeling the breeze pass through his ears." They add:

He loves to be independent and in charge. He loves to be the center of attention but also knows when to chill out and observe.



Bear is good with older children, he's selective with other dogs. The team at the Ulster County SPCA doesn't know what his temperament is with cats yet.

As for his sister Mya, she's a 3-year-old lab mix and the "hostess with the mostess!"

Ulster County SPCA
Ulster County SPCA

The Ulster County SPAC writes:

She greets each person as they enter the door with a wagging tail and a bright smile. She will follow them around waiting for pets and waiting for the attention she deserves. She loves to play with her human friends and canine friends.

Learn more about Mya and other adoptable animals on the UCSPCA website.

Can't Adopt? Here's How You Can Help The Ulster County SPCA

Adding a pet to a family can be a lot of work. If you're not ready to commit to life with a furry friend, there are other ways to help.

The Ulster County SPCA has put together an Amazon and Chewy Wishlist that details what products are needed at the shelter. They need everything from dry and wet dog and cat food to dog toys, good hay, and clean straw bales to cleaning products like laundry and dish detergent.

Volunteers are always needed to help around the shelter if you have some free time. For those interested in donating their time or products visit for more details.

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