That vaccine selfie could be putting you in serious danger.

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine right now is harder than scoring a Playstation 5. So, it's no wonder why people who get one want all of their friends and family members to know about it. As Hudson Valley residents get their shot social media is quickly filling up with selfies of those lucky people proudly holding up their COVID-19 vaccine card.

Ironically, those people celebrating their protection may actually be putting themselves in harm's way.

The Better Business Bureau is warning Hudson Valley residents against posting their vaccine cards on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or other social media outlets. Besides the obvious danger of revealing too much personal information, scammers may be able to use your card for other underhanded reasons.

Your vaccine card includes your full name, date of birth and information about where you received your shot. Sharing that valuable information with strangers allows them to use it in whatever way they like.

In addition to using your personal info, scammers have now begun to sell fake vaccine identification cards using the information found on these cards. By sharing your images you could unknowingly be assisting a criminal in copying your card and selling it to someone else.

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If you really want to make other people jealous by posting about your vaccine, the Better Business Bureau recommends shooting a photo outside the vaccination site, using social frames or showing off a vaccine sticker instead.

Sharing your vaccine card is just one way you can put yourself in danger on social media. the BBB also suggests you refrain from answering viral "surveys" that reveal information like the makes of cars you've owned, the places you've lived or your favorite TV shows. These can all lead to scammers accessing your financial records and guessing important passwords.

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