Ok, it has happened again, you are stuck in traffic because of your timing. You know if you had left where you were, say ten minutes earlier, you probably would have missed every single bus getting in your way.

So, you take a deep breath and you settle into your drive when you see a bus on the oncoming lanes of the divided highway (think Route 9 north and south, where there is three lanes with a large median in the middle) and you see the "Stop" arm come out and you stop, even though you are in the opposing lane. Wait, why is everyone honking at you?

Why are people honking at you when you stop for a school bus on a divided highway?

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They are honking at you because they do not know the law like you do.

What is the New York State Law about stopping for school buses?

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Here is how it is written in Chapter 6 of the New York State DMV Drivers Guide:

When you stop for a school bus, you cannot drive again until the red lights stop flashing or when the bus driver or a traffic officer signals you can proceed. This law applies to all roadways in New York State. You must stop for a school bus even if it is on the opposite side of a divided highway.

Can you get a ticket for not stopping for a school bus on a divided highway?

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According to the same DMV book, you can get fined anywhere from $250 to a maximum of $1000 depending on the number of times you have already violated this law. So remember, even on a divided highway, you will need to stop for a stopped school bus in New York State.

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