Was this guy scammed?

If you missed it this morning on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, I shared a message I got from Jessie a listener to the show. He wanted to know if we thought he got scammed in Poughkeepsie.

Here is the message he sent us....

I was standing in line at Price Chopper I just came in to get a case of water and some chips. A lady and her little daughter were in front of me. They had a lot of groceries. Her card kept on declining. I was feeling terrible. She gave the cashier 3 different cards and they all declined. So, I already knew I was going to pay for it, I was just waiting for the right time to say it. I'm hoping there's a 4th card. She tells the little girl they need to go home. The little girl looks right at me. It was like in slow motion. I tell the cashier I got it. The woman hugs me. I don't think the little girl understood what just happened which is good. They take their groceries. I get through the line fast because I only have two items. As I get to the parking lot, the woman is putting her groceries into the backseat of her newer model Mercedes. She drives off. I'm still in the parking lot.

Do you think he was scammed? Have you ever fallen for a panhandler scam?

I remember I once gave a woman in the parking lot at Shop rite in Fishkill a few bucks for gas after she told me a story about running out of gas up the road and she was stranded with her kids in the car. Two days later the same woman told me the same story in the same parking lot and when I called her out she ran away. SCAMMED!

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