I don't know about you but I have become really suspicious of any kind of text or email I receive lately that asks for any information. Basically, my rule has become delete it. If I get a text from anyone I don't know or a business I just deleted it without out even reading it. So, yes I may miss out on a promotion or two but it will save me trouble of being hacked or scammed.

The real issue I am running into is when you know you have done something online and they ask for information which would in turn lead you to believe they might text and then you get a text. What then? Is it a scam or does the DMV really need information from me? The answer is no. This is the latest scam that is continuing to happen and effect people here in the Hudson Valley.

The Ulster County Sherriff's Office shared a post today on Facebook warning people that this scam is still occurring. Basically, you get a text that looks real from the DMV saying that they need more information. How do I know about this text? It turns out I have gotten it twice since I renewed my drivers license in December. Which is why I had to think about it. Would they need more info? Turns out no which is probably why my husband has also received the same text.

According to the post from the UC Sheriff both the New York State Department of Transportation and the department of Motor Vehicles have sent out a warning about these texts that appear to be a phishing scam to access person information from the receiver of the text. If you get one delete it. It is always good to keep in mind that legitimate businesses will not ask you for person information over a text. You can also contact the Ulster County District Attorney's Division of Consumer Affairs with your concerns if you think you have fell victim to this scam. Call 845-340-3260



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