Remember this absolutely heartbreaking Upstate New York animal shelter photo that went viral back in May? Well, the pup at the center of it all has received some fantastic news.

Sad Upstate New York Pup Goes Viral

In May 2024, the photo you see above went viral in a matter of days. The picture was posted by the Fulton County Regional SPCA in the Albany, New York area.

The photo is of a dog named Tyson who has spent over 128 days at the shelter. With the picture, the Fulton County Regional SPCA explained that Tyson personality and demeanor was declining due to all the time he spent at the shelter.

Tyson was starting to pace in his kennel and refusing to come outside, even for treats.

The Fulton County Regional SPCA asked their followers to share and like the photo on Facebook so they could hopefully find Tyson's forever family. The heartbreaking photo went viral.

Thousands of Applications Come in For Tyson

After the photo went viral, The Fulton County Regional SPCA was in the spotlight for all the right reasons. So much so that Tyson was even featured on a news segment on NEWS 10 ABC:

All the attention the shelter hoped to get from the photo was coming full circle. Tyson was receiving an overload of applications. At one point the Fulton County Regional SPCA had to stop accepting applications as they needed time to go through all the apps they had already received.

It's been a few weeks and it looks like Tyson has gotten the news he's been waiting for.

Tyson Finds His Forever Family in Upstate, New York

On Monday June 10th, 2024 the Fulton County Regional SPCA wrote on Facebook:

We generally save our adoption posts for Fridays, but this one couldn't wait....
We are BEYOND thrilled to let everyone know that our sweet boy Tyson has made it official!! He has found his FOREVER HOME!!!
They go on to thank the hardworking staff of volunteers as well as everyone who shared Tyson's story.
From the photos it looks like Tyson is adjusting perfectly fine and catching up on some much needed sleep.
Fulton County Regional SPCA, Facebook
Fulton County Regional SPCA, Facebook

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