Tim Mcgraw has done it again, he has taken the simplest phase and sang it into a country mega hit. No it is not number one yet but it will be soon. Tim's latest song called "Humble and Kind" is my favorite kind of country song. It has great lyrics, great melody and best of all it reminds us to use something we often forget, our manners. Tim didn't write the song but he sure sang the heart into it. You will find it on his new studio album "Damn, Country Music".

"Humble and Kind" not only highlights the "Tim" I love, but it is also the kind of song that is immediately on the tip of your tongue and then suddenly your singing along. Have you eaten a "Root beer Popsicle" today? Those lyrics written by Lori McKenna, one of Nashville's most cherished song writers, come toward the end of the song and as Tim sing them you think I will do that the next time it's hot. I will eat a Root beer Popsicle and roll down the windows and drive.

You may have heard the song but have you seen the video. There is a special thanks at the end to Oprah.

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