Lori McKenna won her second-straight Song of the Year trophy at the 2016 CMA Awards on Wednesday night (Nov. 2), for "Humble and Kind," a song she wrote by herself about her five children. But when Tim McGraw included it on his 2015 album Damn Country Music, the tune took on a life of its own.

"The first time I heard the song was in the parking lot of a publishing company in a Land Rover or something," McKenna told The Boot and other reporters backstage after accepting her trophy. "I was prepared to sort of lose it, and I just sat there and cried for a while. When I finally got a version of it, I think I listened to it 1,000 times ... Whenever you hear your song interpreted by someone else, it's such a present."

McKenna wrote "Humble and Kind" as a list of things she wanted her children to know, sharing what she hoped they would learn as they entered adulthood.

"I was thinking about what we want the kids to know, and honestly how they don’t always listen to the things we say," McKenna recently shared with The Boot about "Humble and Kind." I just thought, 'I’m going to write it down.' Honestly, it’s a very simple song, and it’s really just this list of things that I wanted to make sure we told them, in this rhyme form. I was lucky that the chorus made as much sense as it did. I did write it in that one sitting; it took me a few hours, but it was a lucky day."

Because the song was inspired by her children, it was only fitting that all five of them joined McKenna for the CMA Awards ceremony this year.

"They've been very quiet about it and sort of stoic about it," McKenna shared. "I think they're proud of it. This is something that they get to see someone who really didn't have any business chasing a dream, chase a dream ... I've always told my kids, you need to dream that impossible thing. This is something I never would have dreamed."

McKenna won Song of the Year in 2015 with Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose for Little Big Town's "Girl Crush."

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