Do you have a co-worker who always seems to be asking you questions that it seems they should be able to look up themselves? This may be the case for Jess and me. I am always following her around the office asking her things that would most likely be found on social media. Today was no different except video was rolling.

You know the old saying "be careful who ask and what you ask for?" Well, today I got a lesson in social media from Jess that may have fallen into that category.

I asked Jess a question about Thomas and Lauren Rhett's baby and I believe at some point she was probably thinking, "how did I get roped into teaching Paty Quyn about social media?"

Of course, the last laugh was on me because I still don't know how to use Twitter. Apparently, I have to find my password. And as for Instagram that will be a whole separate discussion.

You'll want to tune in for that video, I am sure.

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