Are you expecting? Have you gone through and thought about whether or not you want to have your baby in a hospital or in your home? The decision is 100% up to you and your partner.

While you need to consider many things like should you have a doula or midwife, do you need to think about the legal ramifications of the home birth in general? Will you be able to get a birth certificate? What happens if something goes wrong? 

Are all home births in New York State legal?

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There are many things to consider about home birth. If you are considered a low-risk pregnancy, there is a good chance that everything will be ok and go smoothly. Will you need assistance? From a midwife, a doula? Someone who specializes in pregnancy and delivering babies?

How can you find someone to help assist you and guide you through your home birth in New York State?

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There are many places to find a licensed midwife or doula to help with your birth. But the big question? Is it legal?

Yes,  New York State says that it is legal, provided you have someone who is trained overseeing everything. You will also need to have access to medical intervention, should a situation arise during your delivery. Hopefully, your pregnancy and your delivery, where ever you choose to have it, goes perfectly smooth.

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