Ok, you just can't deny it any longer, your plates are peeling. Your New York State license plates on your car have peeled so much that you know any day you are going to get pulled over for it and get a ticket.

Did you know that the Department of Motor Vehicles will replace a peeling (because it is defective) plate for free? Yep. Here is one thing in New York that is free, a replacement plate.

Here's the small print. In order to not have to pay for the new plates, you have to be okay with it being a different number, you have to send them a photo of your peeling plates and you have to promise to destroy the old peeling/defective plates when you get the new ones. Can you handle that? Here is a link to the form that you need to fill outMake sure to select option 1, replacement of peeling plate.

If you need to replace a license plate that is damaged, missing or cracked, well, that is going to cost you some money. Hey, you didn't think that New York State had gone soft? Nope, you will need to pay $25 for the new plate (but it will be the cool new Excelsior plates) plus a $3.75 fee to issue you a new registration. For the $28.75 you will get new plates with a new number. If you want to keep the plate number that you currently have, they will do that, but it will cost a total of $52.50.

How do you get rid of or destroy the old plates? You can take them to a scrap metal yard. You could also cut them into a few pieces and toss them into the recycling. If someone is found using your plates, that you didn't destroy, you could be held liable for the fines (and the e-zpass fees) if someone commits a violation with your old plates on their vehicle. Yikes.

The good news? You can get the new plates, not pay for them, and never have to go to the DMV. Bonus!

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