As a new dog parent, I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to dog content. Show me a video of a dog up for adoption after being saved from terrible conditions and I am just a puddle of emotions.

So when my friends and I were approached over the weekend with a dog-related question, the fire was ignited.

On Saturday a few of my friends and I did a little bar hopping. We were responsible and had one of our friends with us as a Designated Driver. As we were leaving a specific Poughkeepsie bar a woman stopped us and said and I quote:

"Ladies, do you think it's cool if I left my dogs in the car while I go into the bar for like a half-hour?"

She added that she would be coming out every 5 minutes to check on the dogs. I've never answered a question so fast before in my life. Basically, in unison, we told the woman absolutely not! We suggested she take her dogs home or find someone to pick them up before she went inside.

Cute brown mexican chihuahua dog isolated on light pink background. Outraged, unhappy dog looks left. Copy Space
Ravena July

Miss lady did NOT like that answer. She hurled out insults left and right and then exclaimed that my one friend, WHO WAS OUR SOBER DD, was too drunk to have any kind of conversation about it.

There was a back and forth for a few minutes and we told one of the bouncers her plan. We were told she would not be let in because she might have been served one too many.

Are we jerks for telling this lady to take her dogs home?

Personally, I think she knew she was wrong and was looking for an out by asking random people leaving a bar. Unfortunately for her, she picked out a bunch of dog lovers.

Being a pet owner is a full-time commitment. Do you miss out on things because no one can watch your pet? Sure. That's the pet life for ya. If you're not ready for that, then you probably shouldn't own a pet in the first place.

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