If you are a dog owner I don't have to explain what happens to your dog when you start cooking. First you get the curious look as if they are asking what you are doing. Then your dog figures out it smells good it must be food. Then they proceed to wait next to you as if you are making it for them and all they need is a plate.

I bring up cooking for your dog because recently I have discovered that many people do just that, cook for their dog. According to Thebark.com a majority of pet owners make food for their pet. I was really surprised to discover this information because I can barely cook for my self much less my dog. However it has been suggested to me that I do and here's why.

My dog Pearl is a mutt which we all know are the best kind of dog. But somewhere in her genes is a dog that has what I call a sour stomach. Every so often something would upset Pearl's stomach. At first I thought it was seasonal then later I figured out it was her dog food.

After a few trips to the Vet she went on prescription food but she never really like it. That is when people started telling me to actually cook for her instead. They were talking about me making vegetable, chicken and even rice and keeping it in the frig for her to eat every night.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that if Pearl's stomach was going to be settled and she was going to enjoy her food, the prescription food had to go and the answer was not me cooking for her. I don't even like all my cooking how could I do it to my dog. So the finally decision was to find a dog food that would come close to real food but still come in a bag.

You will be happy to know we settled on Rachael Ray's Nutrish Zero Grain Turkey and Sweet Potato with a helping of Chicken Mutt balls on top, Why would I cook for my dog well I can have an award winning Chef do it for me. Trust me Pearl is happy it all worked out. She also doesn't get a sour stomach anymore.

So does that mean that Pearl no longer stands in the kitchen when I cook thinking I am making something for her, of Course not. She has to see what might have been for dinner and then she is always happy with Rachel Ray's dish instead. The only time we have to give her something from the stove is when we make pasta. She has to have a helping of pasta. She knows the pot, she knows that I drain it and then she knows it is ready to eat.  Most dogs would beg for a burger mine begs for pasta noodles.

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