Most likely you are spending the weekend with family, the question is what type of family are you from? Are you a Hank Williams Jr crowd or more the Tim and Faith people when you gather the whole crew for a holiday get together? Let us know by voting for Tonight's QTSO.


Hank Williams Jr's "Family Tradition" spins off against Tim and Faith with "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" which one do you wan to hear tonight at quittin time?

Hank Williams Jr - "Family Tradition" Released in May of 1979 this song may not have reached number one on the charts but it is the most popular anthem for those of us who don't always see eye to eye with all of our family.

Tim and Faith - "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" Released in April of 2014 this sweet tune about life only got to number two on the American Country charts it went number one in Canada. This family tune allows all of us to recall all the creature comforts of home, family and where we grew up.

It is gonna be a tough choice tonight on the QTSO.

Each week night we put two songs up for your vote. One of these songs will be the one you hear on your car radio, smart speaker or smart phone with the Wolf Mobile App as you head out of work and towards after work fun. If you have a song you want us to put up for the spin-off let us know in the comments below or through the Wolf App’s text studio.

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