Even though covid is hopefully behind us, the memories of it still linger, especially for those who were greatly affected. That includes businesses that were forced to close, then reinvent themselves, then deal with not being able to find people to work. It hasn’t been easy, and it seems as though restaurants and eateries were hit especially hard.

One of the eateries that had to close but made it through, in the end, is Frida’s Cafe and Bakery in Milton. We were all so happy when they announced that they would be reopening, but recently they were closed again. It turns out they were training new staff and revamping the menu to be able to serve their customers better. It looks as though it’s worth the wait.

Frida’s Cafe and Bakery had their soft reopening over the weekend. The new menu includes an extensive breakfast menu with amazing egg dishes, pancakes, french toast, and a nice selection of healthier breakfasts. And, of course, delicious breakfast sides like bacon, sausage and more. If it’s lunch you want, Frida’s has a ton of sandwiches, soups and salads. And incredible baked goods, of course.

Frida’s Cafe and Bakery is at 26 Main Street in the Ulster County town of Milton. Their new hours are Monday 8AM - 3PM, Thursday 8AM - 3PM, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8AM - 4PM. When you head to Frida’s, make sure you check out the rest of Milton. It’s got that small town charm you don’t see too much these days. 

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