When it comes to local businesses here in the Hudson Valley, they thrive on word of mouth and social media sharing.

Local Businesses Thrive Off Social Media Following

You probably have a favorite local business you follow on social media for updates, right? I know a lot of Hudson Valley residents follow their favorite restaurants and food trucks for menu updates and details about where they'll be throughout the week.

At the end of the day, it's so much easier and affordable to start a Facebook page or Instagram account than buying a website domain. Think of how easy it is to spread the word by sharing a post or photos. Social media, while it has its downfalls, is a great way for small local businesses to get the word out about their product.


One extremely popular Hudson Valley food truck had fans scratching their heads after noticing no new updates in a few days.

What Happened to The Empanada Mama's Facebook Page?

A post in the East Fishkill Community Group brought it to my, and several others, attention that the Empanada Food Truck had been quiet the last few days.

After doing a little digging we found Empanada Mama Food Truck 2 on Facebook with an explanation as to why their name on social media has changed and how you can help their business continue to find success around the Hudson Valley.

They write:

Empanada Mama adds:

We are still working hard to retrieve our original Empanada Mama page. But in the event we can't please share a review with us on our new page here! We thank you all

Hopefully, they'll get their original page back sooner rather than later, but in the meantime, make sure to check out Empanada Mama Food Truck 2 on Facebook.

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