The people have spoken. Not every order from the state during the COVID pandemic has been unpopular or restrictive. In fact, a new survey conducted says that a majority of New Yorkers want one particular service to continue indefinitely. This service has helped many businesses across the state stay afloat during one of the worst economic downturns in over a decade. But, the NY Post says if the ruling is not extended again by June 5, it will expire.

Takeout and delivery alcohol has been a lifesaver for many bars and restaurants over the past year, and it looks like a big majority of New Yorkers agree, The Post reports that 78% of the 700 New Yorkers surveyed want to keep the rule. Now, if you break it down by region, the survey indicates that a slightly less number of the population upstate wants it to stay. The Post says that 72% or "upstate" wants takeout booze to remain legal. Of course, there's a debate about what constitutes upstate (or perhaps, if you further broke down the numbers to more specific regions of New York state), but that's another discussion for another time.

The restaurant industry needs stability now more than ever, and by making ‘alcohol-to-go’ permanent we can encourage a strong recovery. It’s popular with operators and customers alike.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, thirteen other states (and Washington D.C.) have already passed bills to make the ruling permanent. Last year, NY Senator Brad Holyman introduced legislation that would allow the state's takeout laws to continue for two more years. Other lawmakers have proposed slightly different measures. Brooklyn Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz has pushed for all takeout and delivery alcohol to be sold with a meal, plus serving limits for off-site booze.

Every 30 days, the New York State Liquor Authority must decide whether or not to extend the ruling. As mentioned, we have until June 5 for the state to make their decision or else takeout and delivery alcohol will come to an end.

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