How is this possible? A New York state woman with quite an appetite told deputies that she swallowed not only drugs, but drug paraphernalia prior to her arrest. Suspects have been known to ingest drugs in an attempt to hide evidence, though they run the risk of overdose and even death by doing so. What this woman told officials is almost unbelievable.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office says the woman was in custody Monday when she told officials she had swallowed all the goods. And by goods, we talking about 10 baggies of heroin, an 8-ball of crack cocaine, a lighter and a glass pipe before her arrest March 8. But it gets worse. This woman with the iron constitution says she threw up the items two days later, but somehow reinjected them all March 13. Are we following all of this?

WGRZ says that the woman was taken to the Erie County Medical Center for a medical procedure to get the items out of her system. The Sheriff's office is still investigating and charges are pending.

This Guy Had a Creative Place to Hide His Drugs

Police say a 30-year-old suspect had already been arrested after a car accident on February 11. The suspect had a number of outstanding warrants for his arrest, according to officials. But his day was only going to get worse. says he was allegedly caught with something he shouldn't have had lodged right up a place it shouldn't have been.

A criminal complaint says the man was asked by authorities at the county jail if he had narcotics on him. He replied no. A body scan said otherwise. According to police, where was he hiding the drugs? Up his a**. The unfortunate official who had to go fishing for the contraband noted a knotted plastic baggie with ...a substantial amount of white powdery substance inside his buttocks. Whoops

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