Ulster County has launched stepped-up traffic patrols to get drivers to slow down this summer.

As schools let out and summer officially begins across the Hudson Valley drivers in Ulster County need to be aware that law enforcement is increasing the number of patrols targeting speeders over the next few weeks.

Ulster County
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Ulster County's "Safe Start to Summer"

On Monday Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger announced that the county has launched the "Safe Start to Summer 2024," a three-week road safety campaign to elevate awareness about the dangers of speeding and distracted driving, promote a culture of safety and respect on roadways, and help save lives according to the counties website. County Executive Metzger had this to say about the new campaign saying,

"With the school year ending and more young people out enjoying the summer, and with the influx of summer tourists we typically see, this is a good time to elevate awareness and encourage safe and responsible behaviors on our roads."


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The two-part campaign will consist of both public education and enhanced enforcement of traffic laws at specific locations around Ulster County. The public education campaign will begin this week and continue through mid-July. The enforcement program will take place over two weeks from July 1st to 14th at multiple locations in the county that have been identified by local officials as areas with "higher than average risk of traffic incidents."


What Law Enforcement Agencies are Participating?

The campaign is a collaboration of the Ulster County Executive, Ulster County Transportation Council, Ulster County Traffic Safety Board, Office of the Ulster County Sheriff, local governments, and state and local law enforcement. Agencies participating in the two-week enhanced enforcement effort include agencies in Ellenville, Kingston, Lloyd, Marlborough, New Paltz, Olive, Plattekill, Rosendale, Saugerties, Shandaken, UIster, and Woodstock. The Ulster County Sheriff’s Office will provide enhanced enforcement for communities that do not have a local law enforcement agency.

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