Police in the area have been very hard a work, as they attended to two separate cases involving animal rescue in recent days. Sadly, one case involves an abandoned dog that was left tied to a tree, according to officials.

Dog and Cat Rescue Numbers Across New York 

New Yorkers love their pets. According to Best Friends Animal Society, New York state achieved an impressive save rate of 86% in 2021, where 80,486 dogs and cats entered into shelters and 69,220 were able to be saved. This is substantially better than other states.

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Police Rescue Dogs in Westchester County 

The Yonkers Police department shared on their Facebook page that a pair of officers from the 3rd Precinct found a pair of lost huskies Monday. A third officer assisted with the rescue and both dogs were happily reunited with their owner.

The second case involving a found dog is even sadder. Yonkers Police aid they discovered of a young pit bull tied to a tree near Smith O’Hara Levine Park. Police said the dog may have been outside all night in freezing temperatures. Police said the dog is now in care of Friends of Yonkers Animal Shelter, and if no one claims him in a week, he'll be put up for adoption. So, hopefully this case of neglect can have a happy ending.

Service Dog Safe in New York After Swimming Across Hudson River

Ever thought about swimming across the Hudson River? Best advice is not to, unless you've had the proper training. However, no one told that to this adventurous canine. Luckily, the 6-month-old dog is reportedly home safe after quite an excursion. An excursion that took him all the way across the Hudson River.

Dog Swims From New York to New Jersey

PIX 11 says that a service dog named Bear slipped out of his collar back in December 2022 and ran away from his owners. Ellen Wolpin told PIX said she saw the young dog entering the water and was "terrified".

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Wolpin said they only had Bear for a few weeks, and was going to be trained as a service dog to notify when her son was about to have a seizure.

Bear made quite the bold move and swam all the way to a different state. Edgewater Fire Company #1 said on their Facebook page that Bear was found under the pier at Independence Harbor. As of Tuesday, PIX 11 says Bear was home safe with his family.

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