I've been silently stewing over this for the last few days, but I realize I need to get this off of my chest.

This time of year is my absolute favorite for hiking the many trails available to us here in the Hudson Valley. It's perfect hiking weather. Don't get me wrong spring and summer hiking is fun, but there's just something about being in nature with that slight chill in the air.

Music on Hudson Valley Trails?

I know I'm not alone in my love of fall hiking. And we all know that out-of-towners like to make the trek to the Hudson Valley and take in the views too. That's completely fine! Do I love the traffic and packed parking lots? No, but I'm happy that our local small businesses reap the benefits.

A few days ago I hit the trails at one of my favorite spots at Mount Beacon. For me, hiking is peaceful and helps me clear my mind. However, this time around I was met with hikers with a speaker.


Said speaker was turned up and on making sure that everyone on the trail heard what they were listening to.

As a music lover I hate to say this, but no one wants to hear your crappy music while hiking. If you need music motivation to get up the mountain, pop in your AirPods. But for the love of everything that is holy please turn it off!

Are there Hudson Valley Hiking Rules?

Is there a hiking rule book we can follow or share with new hikers? If so I have a suggestion for Rule #1:

Do not play music loudly while hiking.

Easy as that!

Settle Down Karen

Am I coming off as a 'Karen?" That's my biggest fear, but this madness needs to stop. It's gotten worse over the years. I remember hiking in October of 2020 and 2 hikers were listening to a LIVE STREAM OF A WEDDING. Seriously, I heard the bridal party intro and thought I was dreaming.

Anyway, I mean this as nicely as possible to future Hudson Valley hikers/visitors: no one wants to hear your music while hiking. Turn it off and enjoy the sounds of nature!

And another quick reminder. If you're hiking, this is your reminder to leave no trace. Pick up your trash and bring out whatever you bring in!

Rant over...for now.

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