Over a year ago, we shared with you the phenomenon that is Pickleball here in the Hudson Valley (and apparently it is here to stay!). It has come to our attention that there are even more courts locally that you can play Pickleball to your heart's desire, maybe even make a few new friends while doing it.

The newest Pickleball courts here in the Hudson Valley include the ones at Spratt Park and at Pulaski Park in Poughkeepsie. The game itself combines badminton, table tennis and regular tennis, while you use oversized paddles to hit the ball back and forth over the net as opposed to tennis rackets.

Have you ever played? Do you like playing it? Do you think that it is a great form of exercise for people of any age? What do you think of us trying to use a regular tennis racket until we get the hang of the game and then finally tracking down a pickleball racket?

Feel free to share with us a few 'insider tips' as to what to expect when we first start playing as well as some ideas as to what gear we need to start with. Plus, are their people who can cheat at pickleball? What are the signs that they are cheating? Think about it, as someone who might be new to the sport, we really have no clue as to what we are doing. So please take pity on us! Will we be seeing you out on the court?

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