One dog was trapped for five days, another fell into a wheel and the third got stuck in a bathtub.

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On Oct. 17 at 4:15 p.m., Greene County 911 contacted Forest Ranger Fox about a dog that fell into a well at the Kaaterskill Hotel site.


Ranger Fox and Assistant Forest Ranger France responded to the location to assess the situation, along with Forest Rangers Martin, Mitchell, and Skudlarek.

Once on scene, Ranger Fox found the dog and repelled down to the bottom of the well.


Ranger Fox determined the dog was uninjured before tying a webbing harness onto the 65-pound husky.


The Rangers lifted the dog to the top of the well and reunited her with her owner.

New York State Parks recently announced a dog that was trapped in a rocky crevice near Gertrude's Nose Trail in Minnewaska State Park Preserve in Ulster County was successfully rescued Tuesday evening unharmed after five days without food or water.

NY State Parks & Historic Sites

An Ulster County woman was hiking with her 12-year-old dog, Liza, which fell out of sight into the narrow crevice but could be heard barking.

NY State Parks & Historic Sites

Park staff attempted unsuccessfully to access the crevice that evening before dark and made other unsuccessful attempts in the following days to get a camera into the narrow area to check the dog's condition.

Days later, members of the Ulster County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were on scene to assist and a specialized plumbing inspection camera from Parks was utilized to reach the dog.

Parks received support from the New Jersey Initial Response Team, a regional volunteer group specializing in cave rescue.

NY State Parks & Historic Sites

Two NJIRT members were able to descend into the crevice to get the plumbing camera close enough to observe the dog moving in a narrow area, and apparently unharmed.

NY State Parks & Historic Sites

One rescuer was able to get a modified, extended catch pole around the dog, which was lifted close enough to be placed into a rescue pack and brought to the surface and safety.

NY State Parks & Historic Sites

Over the weekend, the Sleepy Hollow Police Department received a call from a resident stating that her dog’s paw was stuck inside of the bathtub drain hole.

Sleepy Hollow Police Department

When units arrived, they could see that the puppy’s paw was swollen, which made it difficult for the puppy’s paw to become free.

Sleepy Hollow Police Department

Officers utilized household items such as Vaseline and vegetable oil, in an attempt to free the puppy’s paw.

Sleepy Hollow Police Department

When that didn't work a local plumber was called. Donovan’s Plumbing was able to unscrew the drain flange from the drain arm while in the basement.

Sleepy Hollow Police Department

The Chihuahua was freed and taken to Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital.

Sleepy Hollow Police Department

The puppy, Daisy, was strong throughout the entire rescue and is home recovering from a swollen paw pad, police say.

Sleepy Hollow Police Department

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