It is not that I take for granted what we have in the Hudson Valley but I will admit I sometimes forget about all the cool places we have right in our own backyards. Just this past weekend I was driving over the ridge passed Lake Minnewaska and said to my husband we really live in a cool place.

I have traveled to many beautiful places and when I am there I always wonder what it is like to live in that place. This past summer I spent a night in Chatham, Massachusettes, and thought wow this is amazing and people get to live here.

Diner in New York Named in Travel + Leisures Best Breakfast Spots in US

That is the way I feel about the Hudson Valley it is such a beautiful place but I rarely look at it through the lens of a visitor or a tourist. I heard a slogan this weekend in an advertisement that said spend your weekends like you are retired. I thought what a great idea. Work hard all week but then spend the weekend like you have nowhere to be.

PC: carny.eats via Phoenicia Diner Facebook
PC: carny.eats via Phoenicia Diner Facebook

Having that mindset could mean that those of us who live in the Hudson Valley might actually get to some of the really cool spots that bring outsiders to our neck of the woods. A perfect example is the recent notoriety paid to a popular Hudson Valley diner for having one of the best breakfasts in the United States.

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So this weekend for breakfast you could stay home or go to your favorite bagel shop but aren't those things you do during the work week? What if you could instead have breakfast at a place that just made Travel + Leisures 15 Best Breakfast Spots in the US?

Phoenicia Diner via Google
Phoenicia Diner via Google

That's right one of the 15 Best places to have breakfast in the US according to Travel + Leisure a national magazine known for being well-informed about travel and relaxing named one of our Hudson Valley diners one of the 15 best places to have breakfast in the entire United States.

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Congratulations to the Phoenicia Diner on making the list and actually being listed in the number 2 slot. I don't think the 15 places were ranked but if they were I am sure our Hudson Valley diner would have made it to the top.

Phoenicia Diner via Facebook 3
Phoenicia Diner via Facebook 3

The Phoenicia Diner is on Route 28 in Phoenicia. They are open every day but Wednesday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Next time you are west of Kingston make the trip to the diner for breakfast.

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