I will start this by say Never, Ever, for any reason leave a pet in a car. No matter what the weather pets should never be left in a vehicle. Even if you think you are just going to be a minute it can be a minute to long.

We have all waited for summer in the Hudson Valley. We have been waiting to get out and enjoy the great weather with friends and our pets. Now that it is here let's keep in mind some pet summer safety tips. Whether it is riding in a car, spending time on the water or attending a BBQ keeping in mind pet needs and safety are important.

Here are a few reminders for the summer.

When you and your pet ride in a car together keep them secure. You wear a seat belt consider getting one for your pet. As mentioned above never leave your pet unattended in a car. And when traveling with a pet be sure to bring along their necessities such as food, water and a place to sleep.

On the water be sure your pet can swim. Always put them in a life vest that fits properly and be careful that they aren't over exposed to the sun. If you have a backyard pool be sure that you have installed a way for the pet to get out in case they accidentally end up in the water unsupervised. Run drills with them so they know how to exit the pool. It is also a good idea to take precautions around the pool so the pet can't access the water without you.

And at BBQ's remember that a lot of the foods we eat are toxic to your pet so even though you are tempted to share Aunt Maggie's pasta salad, be sure it doesn't contain something that will make your pet sick. We have all over eaten at a BBQ and for your pet over indulgence can mean illness even death. Meat bones of any kind can turn from treat to terror in a split second.

Also keep in mind that during the summer pavement and sidewalks heat up to unbearable temperatures. Walking your pet in the summer should be on cool surfaces. If you must walk on pavement plan walks for early morning or later in the evening when the sidewalks are cooler.


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