When bad weather is coming, people run to the grocery store for bread and milk, and when we head into a pandemic, people in Connecticut run to the liquor store to stock up.

Look, when you're talking quarantine, lockdowns, social distance and bars and restaurants being closed, there's only one thing over 30 percent of Connecticut residence had on their mind. Get to the liquor or package store.

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According to a new study conducted by americanaddictioncenters.org, they found that 1 in 3 people from Connecticut deemed alcohol an essential purchase during the pandemic. Now you may think that's a pretty high number, but believe it or not, it was actually lower then the national average which was 37%.

Connecticut was far from the state with the most teetotalers. Delaware topped the list being the highest with a whopping 67%, and the state of South Dakota had just 9% of people that deemed alcohol essential.

The survey did reveal a disturbing statistic, that a significant number of people said that at the time the pandemic broke, most would have opted to buy a bottle or two before even buying toilet paper, and we all know how valuable toilet paper became last March and April of 2020.

The survey did bring to light something I think we all already knew. That during the pandemic, people have used alcohol to cope and men appeared to have been a bigger user of alcohol for this purpose than women. It also highlighted that more people focused on the harder stuff with more alcohol content for a quicker effect.

The downside of this survey showed that some 48 percent of people in a relationship said that alcohol hindered things in that relationship during the lockdown and many had to hide it from their significant other.

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