Working through quarantine isn't much fun at all, but necessary.

Like many of you, I thought that by now I had made it through the tough part of the COVID-19 pandemic pretty much unscathed. I haven't been sick once, nothing, the only place it really hurt me was in the pocketbook just like it has for many of you, but I can deal with that. That was until this week.

I woke up Monday morning and headed into work like normal, but when I started to do my radio show, my voice started to sound different - like someone sounds when they are getting sick. I didn't feel really anything except a little congested. As the morning went on, I started to get a weird feeling that this might be something.

Full transparency, I'm fully vaccinated and have been since the early summer, so I wasn't sure if what I was feeling was COVID or not. But wanting to be safe, I left work and went and got tested right away to check. Honestly, I thought it wasn't COVID, but not wanting to chance it, I got tested. And wouldn't you know it, it came back positive.

Positive COVID Test, Now What?

The doctor's office I got tested at in Poughkeepsie called me to notify me that I tested positive. They said that I needed to quarantine for 10 days and that I should contact everyone that I've had close contact with over the last couple of days.

That, "I tested positive for COVID" phone call is one that I imagined having to make before but dreaded ever having to actually make. I never wanted to be the reason someone else got sick and you know that we all have people that we are around that automatically have some smart-ass thing to say when something like this happens.

I won't bore you with what some say, but really, at the end of the day, instead of being a jerk or saying stupid things about someone who now has to sit at home alone for 10 days and figure out how to do everything they would normally do at work from home, maybe wish them well instead of complaining or maybe just don't say anything! Just a thought...LOL!

Vent over! LOL.

At the end of the day, the reason for writing anything about any of this is to remind everyone that we are still not through all of this. If you are feeling anything "off" with your health, do everyone a favor and go out of your way to go and get tested so we can put all of this behind us sooner rather than later.

Now I'm off to try and figure how I can clean my apartment again for the 100th time...LOL! If you have any movie or TV show suggestions, shoot me a text through the Wolf Country app.

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