This past Thursday I got to attend the Greek Festival at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church on Goshen Turnpike in Middletown. This great annual event has delicious food, amazing Greek music and even Traditional Greek Dancers. What I did not expect was all the wonderful vendors.

There was a yard sale set up with great deals. There were artisan crafters who had made crafts and jewelry and there was a woman selling plant and fresh herbs. So knowing I needed nothing, I still had the impulse to purchase something. So I went with the fresh herbs. I decided that this would make a good summer gardening project for me and might lead to me actually growing something.

After careful consideration I chose Peppermint and Mint. I thought they were the same thing until I smelled them together there is a noticeable difference, peppermint is much strong in scent. However, mint will grow faster and spread farther. It turns out that peppermint is a derivative of mint. Either way it is going to be fun to see what recipes I can use these plants in after I get them out of their tiny pots and into the garden. I am thinking Mojitos.

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