It always amazes me when simple rules of driving aren't followed.  Not using a blinker is really annoying but there really isn't anything you can do about that because when you think about it, we have all done it at least once so you never know what their reasoning is. What is NOT acceptable is parking wrong.

I was driving 84 and stopped to use the restroom and came out to my car to see this truck parked almost sideways taking up 3 parking spots.  I can sometimes accept it when it's a really nice, expensive vehicle and it's in places like the Wal-mart parking lot. No one wants to deal with dings in their doors from old beat up vehicles, etc but for this?

There really was no reason for it, except maybe laziness?

From the picture, you can see that it looks like he was coming from the other direction, which was wrong too but that bothered me way less than the park job.

There are lines.  How is it so hard to park between them?

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