Animal hoarding, of any kind, is often a tragic call that law enforcement has to deal with on occasion. What happened Thursday in Western New York was certainly a hoarding situation, but of a different kind.

WGRZ is reporting that over three hundred animals were confiscated from a Cattaraugus County home Thursday. But these weren't dog or cats that we're talking about. WGRZ reports that over three hundred reptiles were taken from a home in the village of Allegany by both the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and The Buffalo Zoo.

A spokesperson for the DEC said that most of the reptiles were various species of turtles (including snapping turtles), but also gila monsters and even three king cobras.

The Department of Environmental Conservation feels that all the animals were unlawfully held, but haven't indented the owner of the home.

It is illegal to own venomous snakes in the state of New York.

Officials says the man who owns the home will face charges.

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