Stressing the devastating effects of driving drunk, one school shows students what could happen if they choose to operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This time of year in the Hudson Valley, most schools are preparing to hold their junior and senior proms. It's a right of passage for students and most of us can remember exactly how and what we did for our proms. Prom season is supposed to be a happy celebration for teenagers but sometimes the season, unfortunately, brings tragedy.

In hopes of avoiding tragedy in the Chester School district in Orange County, the high school welcomed local police, firefighters, and EMTs today to show students what could happen if they choose to drive drunk.

Any students at the Chester High School that wanted to attend their school prom (scheduled for 5/19) were required to attend an assembly today to kick off a "mock DWI" demonstration. Halfway through the assembly students were taken outside of the school to witness what a DWI accident scene would look like.


Mock DWI

There were police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and officials from the coroner's office all working together to do a reenactment of teenage kids drinking and driving on prom night. The accident scene involved a car crash with students, and how firefights and EMTs handle an active DWI car accident. During the mock crash, they had one student die in the accident to show students how bad it could be.

Many in attendance said that the reenactment was very well done and should paint the perfect picture to discourage any teenager from drinking and driving, not only on prom not but anytime.

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