The alleged incident took place on Father's Day in Goshen, New York and was caught on video.

A 54-year-old woman is accusing the owner of Village Pizza in Goshen, of hurling a racial slur at her during an argument at the popular pizza shop on Sunday. Esther Garcia, claims that owner Jon Paul Brancato, called her the N-word, along with many other racially insensitive remarks during a disagreement about the order she placed at the pizzeria.

Once things started to get heated, Garcia told News 12 that's when she took out her cellphone and started to record the argument. Garcia told News 12 that Brancato, "made me feel like a piece of crap. I felt so bad. I can't even describe". You can view the video here.

Brancato flatly denies using any racial slur during the disagreement and claims that the recording is what took place after Garcia made racist remarks directed at his wife. Brancato told News 12 that, "She proceeded to yell at me, spit at me. I said, Get your a-- out of here and go back to Middletown, because she made reference to her son, that this s--- doesn't happen in Middletown." Garcia denies using any racial slurs towards Brancato's wife.

Village Pizza has made headlines before under much different circumstances, as they were the pizza shop that last year offered customers the chance to "eat now, pay later". As the COVID-19 pandemic was starting Jon Paul Brancato made it his mission to make sure that nobody goes hungry.

Brancato told Spectrum News last year that, "You know, you can come to me personally and you know I will give you the food and have a contract between you verbally that you can pay me when things get better. If we have it our way, nobody will go hungry." The "eat now, pay later" program was all based on the honor system. Brancato said, "It's never a matter of trust, we know everybody is good for their word, that's the way it's always been shown to us here."

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