It should come as no surprise that this weekend is Valentine's Day. Everywhere you turn there are reminders. Candy hearts in every store, ads on TV and of course people constantly mentioning it to you as if it is news. Hopefully you are looking forward to Sunday (February 14, 2021) and you aren't one of those anti-Valentine people this year. I really think 2021 is the year everyone needs to put love on the front page.

Apparently, quite a few people are looking forward to celebrating cupid this year as evident by the research I was sent in an email earlier today (February 11, 2021) from a group called Coupon Lawn. According to the email most people are known to procrastinate when it comes to shopping for a gift for Valentine's Day. This results in online searches for great last minute gift ideas.

According to Coupon Lawn and the Google search that spans 2004 through 2020 we search for not only the predictable gifts but also some interesting gifts I know I never thought of buying. Once they gathered the research they organized it into a map which is include below. Checkout the different "most Googled Valentine's gifts from each state.

Chocolate shows up more than flowers and Jewelry didn't make the list at all. I do think the his and her tattoos would be fun. And I am surprised that sex toy only made the list once. I am also scratching my head about Vermont's results but hey it is an original choice for a gift. But Hudson Valley I would say that New York's choice is very 2020. After all there are a lot of us that have spent the year in our equivalent of PJ"S.


Valentines favorites by state via email from Coupon Lawn
Valentines favorites by state via email from Coupon Lawn



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