We all have that person on our holiday gift list we really care about. We have known them forever and yet they seem to be the hardest person to buy for this time of year. I may have a solution.

It isn't that these folks in our lives are picky it basically comes down to we want to get them something cool. These are the kind of friends who don't expect anything but we can't help ourselves we want to wow them with something they hadn't expected.

So what is this amazing gift I have discovered that is even better than something off the National Star Registry? It is a Paver at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. I didn't even know about these until I went to Bethel Woods for a concert this summer. I was waiting to pick up tickets and I looked over to see a group of people laying on the ground taking selfies.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts via Facebook 8-28-2020
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts via Facebook 8-28-2020

For a minute I thought what are they doing? Then I realized all the stone pavers had names and messages on them and these folks must have been taking a picture of themselves with one. My immediate reaction was, wow how cool, you can have your name memorialized at one of music's most sacred venues.

My first thought was I want one then I started thinking of all the people I know who would feel the same way I did about this cool tribute. People do walk all over these stones and I am sure some other things get spilled on them from time to time but let's look beyond that to how cool you would feel if your name was permanently part of Bethel Woods the home of the original Woodstock Festival.

Can you tell I want someone to get me one for Christmas? Anyway, maybe I will get one and put my friend's name on it with mine.

Did you ever give or receive one of these?

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