Hazy, hot, and humid days bring to mind one thing: staying cool. Often times, heading to the nearest pool, lake, pond, river, or swimming hole is the way to go. The Hudson Valley, Orange, and Sullivan counties offer a lot of water options to help get through the dog days of summer.

We all have our favorites, places we've gone to since we were children, or even newly discovered cool spots. One of the many local swimming holes here in the Hudson Valley has made the top 5 list of great American swimming holes on Adventure Journal.

While Peekamoose Mountain in the Catskills has long been a favorite with hikers, the Peekamoose Blue Hole is also a favorite swimming spot and comes in at number three on the list. This is a beautiful place on Rondout Creek where really cold water rushes through the rocks and forms a very deep pool at the end.



If you've been there, you already know how great it is, but if you haven't, click here for directions and get ready to have fun and cool off!

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