I'm not Catholic but I understand the reason behind lent and why Catholics practice it.

My wife gives up something different every year but this year I think it's going to be harder than she thinks.  She chose to give up all sweets.  We have an 18 month old.  I like sweets.  She is a pastry chef.  This could be a problem but so far she's doing well.

I have said that I don't think I could actually give up something like that until I read this story.

One guy, by the name of Dell Hall of Ohio has given up all food and drink and only drinks beer.

Last year he did the same thing and lost almost 50 pounds, according to the Cincinnati.com

Dell is retired from the Army and works in sales but is attempting to not only get thru lent but also set the world record for consuming only beer for 50 days.

This is one "lent" sacrifice I could get into.


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