Hopefully like me you had the opportunity to spend some quality time with your Grandmothers growing up. My Mom's Mom, Grandma Rea was a great Irish lady who worked at Lord & Taylor and took me to New York City as often as possible. My Dad's Mom, Grandma Marjorie was a sturdy Indiana woman who wrangled an extended family and always made sure there was plenty of food in the soup pot for the entire neighborhood.

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Knowing both of these women growing up created a great balance for me when it came to understanding being a grown up. They were both hard working people but they also both enjoy their down time with family. If they were around today I am sure we would have some good times. I think they would both love social media and girls night out.

I never had kids but a lot of my girlfriends did and they are all fast becoming Grandmas. I can't believe how many cool Grandmas I know. And yes I am fast becoming Grandmas crazy friend. My Grandmas both had a crazy friend or two. I am so glad I can carry on that tradition at least.

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