If you have kids who take the bus to school, this idea could be coming to the Hudson Valley and could make bus rides a lot safe for our kids.

If you watch the news at one time or another, you've seen a story about a kid being left on a school bus or a child getting off at the wrong bus stop.

It looks like one New York school is trying something out that would prevent any of those issues from happening.

According to WTEN, the Saratoga Springs City School District up near Albany is moving forward with a new program that will issue children an ID card with their name and picture on it. The ID card will act as a key fob for security to get on and off the bus.

It's called Tyler Drive technology, and it really can help in making sure our kids stay safe. Here is how it works: A GPS tablet will map out routes for bus drivers and the onboard ID scanners will give parents and schools real-time information as to when a child gets on and off the school bus.

The school made sure to ensure parents that none of a child's personal information will be stored on a students ID card.

This sounds like a really great idea! Do you think schools in the Hudson Valley should look into bringing this type of technology in? Let us know on Facebook.


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