If you are thinking about making Cannabis or a being a part of the Cannabis industry in New York State, there are many things for you to know and learn. How can you learn what you need to know? There is a new mentorship and training program that is being offered by New York State.

How can you enter to get one of the less than 300 spots for the program? Who can apply to be in the program and where do you do all of that applying and learning? Keep reading. 

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Who can apply to be in the New York Office of Cannabis Management Compliance Training and Mentorship Program?

Photo by Remedy Pics on Unsplash
Photo by Remedy Pics on Unsplash

While the full guidelines are located on the NY Office of Cannabis Management, here are the highlights of the requirements:

  • You must be at least 18-years of age.
  • You will need a valid, government issued ID, i.e., driver's license, non-driver ID or passport are good examples.
  • You will need experience in agriculture, and cultivating crops, plus knowledge of producing food and beverages in regulated markets. (PDF) 

Where will the Mentorship and Cultivation Training Program take place?

Photo by Richard T on Unsplash
Photo by Richard T on Unsplash

The program will predominately take place online, with the groups meeting virtually. According to the OFCM, there will be approximately 15-20 of these online training seminars, which will all be recorded and accessible to attendees.

How many people will be accepted into the mentorship and training program and when are the applications due by?


Depending on the number of applicants for the program, it looks like the OFCM would like to get between 200 and 250 persons enrolled in the program. When are the applications due? Applications are being accepted between October 20 and November 3, 2022. The actual training program would be taking place between the months of November 2022 and February 2023.

For more information about the program and to apply, https://cannabis.ny.gov/.

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