It's a big week to celebrate.

I, like many of you, have friends and family members who are nurses and teachers. We know what an important role they play in our society molding the minds of the youth and taking care of others when they are in need. One of my best friends is a nurse and I know she has to put up with my constant health questions over little things like a sore throat and a fever. Several of my friends are teachers and I know how much they love their jobs, students and coworkers, but also how completely stressed out they get this time of year.

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So this week, we take some time out of week to honor those nurses and teachers with National Nurses Appreciation week and National Teachers Appreciation week. Many companies, like Chipotle, McDonalds Cinnabon, Starbucks, New York and Company and others offer freebies for teachers with a school or nurses hospital ID.

Honor your friends and family members who work so hard throughout the year as teachers and nurses. Thank them for what they do and maybe take them out for coffee or tea and give them a minute to breath.

Happy Nurses and Teachers week!

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