It's finally here!

The popular ride sharing apps, Uber and Lyft are available in the Hudson Valley. This comes after months of debate and rumors around New York State. Uber and Lyft have been available in New York City and cities across the United States, but was sadly not available in the Hudson Valley.

Today at midnight marked the official start of Lyft and Uber in the Valley and I couldn't be more excited.

These apps make it easier to split fares between friends and, from personal experience in other cities, is a faster option. While exploring Uber this morning I saw something called uberEATS. Obviously, anything involving food catches my attention so I had to look into it.

First thing's first: it's not available in the Hudson Valley...yet. UberEATS is a food delivery service where you can order your food from a local restaurant that doesn't deliver and have an uberEATS driver pick up the food for you. UberEATS takes lazy days to a whole new level.

Some say we should just be happy that we finally have Lyft and Uber and I get it. But how great would it be to have, say, Schatzi's pretzels and cheese delivered right to your house? Think about it.

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