Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant and Donald Sutherland were in the Hudson Valley shooting the HBO film 'The Undoing' on Monday and as anyone would, needed some food.

Ole Savannah in Kingston seemed to be a great spot and that's exactly where they went.

One of the partners, David, said that Ole Savannah Southern Table & Bar in Kingston's Roundout District was the location of a cocktail party after filming wrapped up on Monday.

According to Ole Savannah's Facebook page, a picture of the restaurant boss and Nicole Kidman was posted and can be seen HERE

David said that he was approached about the cocktail party but wasn't told whom exactly would be there.  He was shocked to see the movie stars.  Nicole was said to be very friendly and down to earth.  I mean, she is married to Keith Urban so how can she NOT be down to earth?  That's just my opinion though because I love Keith Urban.

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