New York Jets fans probably don't have much to cheer about this season. It's been that way for a while too. In fact, their last playoff appearance was in 2010. The franchise has only made the postseason 14 times in 56 seasons. But according to a new survey, are they really some of the league's most miserable fans?

WHDH says that Jets fans are in the top five when it comes to saddest and most miserable N.F.L. fans. Lineups surveyed over two thousand football fans on whether or not they've become upset to the point of actually crying watching one of their teams play. According to these results, Jets fans have plenty to cry about. Remember Mark Sanchez and the "butt fumble"? Lineups said that over 60 percent of those surveyed admitted to crying after watching their team lose

Fans of the Detroit Lions were found to be the most miserable, according to Lineups. Second were Cleveland Browns fans, then the Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys ranked top for the saddest fans. They were followed by fans of the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you look at the teams mentioned, almost all are from long-lasting, storied franchises with passionate fan bases  Most have seen winning seasons and even Super Bowls at some point in their histories. Maybe their fans can be a bit much sometimes, but it's got to be better than some teams whose fans couldn't really care less about the franchise? Two of the teams near the bottom of the sad list are from Los Angeles, a city that didn't even have a football team for many years. Their fans don't care.

However, there are still some who make take a loss very seriously. Remember this poor guy? says that the family of 85-year-old Jets fan Edward Michael Mazur decided to have a little fun when they placed his obituary in Newsday. The obituary read that Mazur passed on cause he just couldn't take watching another Jets game. Then there was this guy from three years ago. In 2018, one fan even blamed the team's poor play for getting pulled over while allegedly drunk. Oops.

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