A Hudson Valley leader is comparing the New York State budget to a "dumpster fire."

Earlier this week, New York leaders finally passed a brand-new state budget. The deadline to pass the budget was April 1.

New York State Passes 2024 Budget

Current NY Governor Kathy Hochul Faces Off Against Gubernatorial Challengers In Debate
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The $229 billion budget includes plans to make New York "safer, more affordable and more livable," according to Hochul's office.

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However, Hudson Valley Congressman Marc Molinaro is strongly against the budget.

New York State Budget Compared To "Dumpster Fire"

“Governor Hochul is delivering a budget that’s over a month late. They say you can’t rush perfection. Apparently the same applies to dumpster fires," U.S. Rep. Molinaro (NY-19) stated.

Big Fire Inferno Flames From Trash Waste

The budget also includes increases to minimum wage, funding for schools and more money to treat mental health. Hochul's office says the budget also makes key changes to bail reform. Molinaro disagrees.

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“Like most things that come out of Albany, Governor Hochul’s budget prioritizes far-left priorities over the safety and well-being of our communities. Sadly, this is just another example of Albany's dysfunction and complete disregard for the needs of Upstate New Yorkers," he said.

Dutchess County/Getty Images
Dutchess County/Getty Images

The Republican believes it's an attack on Upstate New Yorkers. Adding the governor's compromise on bail reform still fails to address the serious concerns.

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"The ‘compromise’ Governor Hochul struck on bail reform between far-left Albany Democrats and establishment Albany Democrats still fails to address the serious concerns raised by law enforcement, victims, and the public. New York State will remain the only state in the country that bars its judges from keeping criminal defendants behind bars, even if they are a risk to public safety or likely to reoffend," Molinaro added.

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