After experiencing a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, the Hudson Valley will see a slight cool-down to start the short week. However, as we approach the weekend once again, look for summer-like temperatures to return to the area.

Could we see some 90-degree days ahead?

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According to Extreme Weather, the last time it reached at least 90 degrees was April 14, when record heat sent temperatures soaring well above average. Since then, the warmest it's been was 86 degrees on May 12.

Hudson Valley Weather Forecast 

According to The Weather Channel, high temperatures should rebound by Wednesday, with highs in the 80s and mostly sunny skies. Thursday will again bring highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s. According to forecasts, Friday will bring the heat as highs will reach the low 90s.

Rainfall has remained below average for the month of May, though long-range forecasts say the Hudson Valley could see an increased chance for rain starting by the beginning of next week.

How Hot Can It Get in New York?

According to Cool Weather, summers in New York State average around 66.5 F (with both high and lows averaged in). That places us at 39th hottest in the country. However, the Southern and Western parts of the U.S. aren't the only parts of the nation that can get scorching hot during summertime.

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Extreme Weather Watch says it reached 104 F in Poughkeepsie on August 1, 1933.

According to the records at Cool Weather, the all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in the state of New York was 108 F in Troy on July 22, 1926. Elmira reached 107 F on September 3, 1953. The overall hottest year on average for the state as a whole was 2012.

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