Here we go again! The battle for the best pizza lives on.

New Haven, CT Declared Pizza Capital of The US

Newsweek is reporting that a "delegation from Connecticut " flew out to Washington D.C. to declare that New Haven, Connecticut be declared the Pizza Capital of The United States.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro of New Haven said in a statement to Newsweek "New Haven has the best pizza in the country — and it is not even close," and adds "Ask anyone from Connecticut and they will tell you Connecticut pizza, or 'apizza' as we call it, is hands down — no contest — the best pizza in America."

Apparently, Rep DeLauro and restaurants from the New Haven area made enough noise to get an official title.

Connecticut Pizza Delegation,  which was made up DeLauro and "over 100 Connecticut pizza makers, veterans, and community leaders" according to Eyewitness News 3 in Connecticut, where there was a "presentation and celebration" of the Congressional Record Statement outside of the U.S. Capitol.

NY vs CT: What State Has Better Pizza?

As New Haven, CT declares itself the Pizza Capital, we want to hear from you. Which state has the best pizza, New York or Connecticut?

Many people believe that New York and New Jersey were so caught up in the Pizza fight, that Connecticut was able to sneak through the cracks. What do you think?

The Pizza Fight Continues. Do You Have a Favorite?

You can't knock out New York when it comes to the Best Pizza in America, especially because New York State is home to 4 of the Best Pizza Home Towns in America:

New York State Home To 4 Of The Best Pizza Hometowns In America

Is this why New Haven, Connecticut is very specifically named the Pizza Capital of the US? A retro Pizza Hunt inside an Airbnb?! That's awesome!:

There's a Retro Pizza Hut Inside This Amazing New Haven Air Bnb

New Haven is the Pizza Capital of the world, and if El Presidente comes back to town, I found the perfect place for him to sleep off the cheese coma - A very cool rental available on Air Bnb that features a classic Pizza Hut booth, complete with those big red plastic cups. Have a look at this place, it's available for under $100 a night.

Gallery Credit: Jason via

Speaking of pizza, Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports has been traveling the world rating pizzas for the last few years. He calls it One Bite and he's stopped across the Hudson Valley and Greater Danbury area several times. Take a look at one of his reviews in the Hudson Valley from last year below:

Barstool's Dave Portnoy Finally Reviews Pizza From Mid-Hudson

Barstool's Dave Portnoy finally came to the Mid-Hudson Region to give a "One Bite Review" on what he was told is "great pizza" from the Mid-Hudson Valley. 

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